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Annie Menebroker Poetry Prize

A monetary prize of $150.00 will be given for one poem in honor of Annie. Annie’s daughter, Sue, is the final judge. Thanks to Mikey and Eva West for their generous donation for this year’s contest.

Ann Menebroker (1936 – 2016) started writing poetry in her early teens and was widely published since the 1950’s. She was thrust into the “meat poet” category and in her words with a smile, ‘never figured out what that means’. A lover of all the arts, Ann had a passion for life and lived hers fully. A shy person, she was bold and honest in her poetry. She has been published in textbooks for college, as well as anthologies; along with a long list of chapbooks of her own. Her last publication came out just days before she passed away, entitled “The Long Ride Home;” editor, Lynne Savitt, Gravida Press.



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