Volume 8

Hurricane Ghosts

Annie Menebroker Poetry Award

B. Diehl


Annie Tribute Poems

Paul Koniecki
ampersand of the unremembered poem

John Dorsey
The Postman Never Screams Twice



Gayle Ledbetter Newby

Mike James
Snow Angels in July

Alan Catlin
Thank You for Your Service

Tony Gloeggler
Mid Life Poetry Crisis

Steve Henn
Poem for the Mother of my Children

Lynne Savitt
Sex & Dignity

Wil Gibson
Life Lesson 1280 or “The Five Things I Learned in an Oklahoma Bar Fight on my 22nd Birthday”

Rebecca Higgins
clawing needles

Sue McElligott
it’s been two years

Ted Jonathan
Decoder Poem #2

Francine Witte
Selfie at the end of the world
In My Poems, Sometimes I Have Children

Alexis Rhone Fancher
When I asked him to turn me on he said:
Quiet Candy

Iris Litt
Gentrification Song
The Way Machines Die

Wendy Rainey
The Ice Cream Cone

Marybeth Niederkorn
All Who Are Found

Linda McCauley Freeman
To The Woman Playing Solitaire on her Phone While Hiking with her Husband

Linda Lerner
The Butterfly Effect

Bunkong Tuon
Grandpa’s Death

David M. Taylor
America, Funeral

Chase Dimock
The Coroner as a Child

James Benger
The Park

Roger Sippl
The Sweater

Leslie Gerber
The Hospital for Permanent Adults

Hannah Bleier
Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

Erren Geraud Kelly
Coffeehouse Poem # 282

Jeanette Powers
Coffee at Last

Heather Sullivan

William Doreski
Backyard Speedboat

Curtis Hayes
Gas Station Hot Dog

Jason Baldinger

John Sibley Williams
No Questions Asked

Victor Clevenger
downtime in iraq

John Grey

William Taylor Jr
The Dreams of Billboards

Scott Silsbe
What Happened There

Chigger Matthews
Dirge of Lightning Bugs

Raymond P. Hammond
I lost my mother to religion



Nathan Graziano
Homecoming Game


Volume 8 cover photo, “Hurricane Ghosts”, courtesy of Tom Darin Liskey