Volume 7


Bailey St. Laurent
Snow Storm

Gale Acuff

Ryan Quinn Flanagan
Truck Stop

Damien Rucci

Tony Gloeggler
Fowler Street

Mike James
My Wife’s Shoes

John Dorsey
Degrees of Gray on Ashland Ave

Steve Henn
Columbia, Misery
a Sign of Affection or the Butt of a Joke?

Carol Graser
Ghost of Ambitions

Matthew Woodman
Still Life with Foot

Paul Koniecki
in the remnant of scrapings

Benjamin Brindise
A Room Full of Mannequins

Marybeth Niederkorn
To the Man in the Blue Neon with Wide White Stripes

Sue Menebroker McElligott

Ted Jonathan
Straight Lines

Jason Ryberg
Sad Boy Praying For His Luck To Change (Or,
Placing A Collect Call To The Almighty Unknown)

Leah Mueller
Son of a Fireman

Mary Kathryn Jablonski
On a Mission

C.C. Russell

Scott Silsbe
Singing in the Shower
Waiting in Line at the Post Office

Erren Geraud Kelly
If Major Tom Was Black

Chase Dimock
Shamrock Shake

Victor Clevenger
Reggie’s Advice During my 1st Marriage

Margaret Crocker
Age (or) What the Hell do I Write About Now – As Told Through the Weekend Binge



Nathan Graziano
The Seagull



“And So I Was Blessed” by Bunkong Tuon

“Indiana Noble Sad Man Of The Year” by Steve Henn

“My Favorite Houseguest” by Mike James

“disinheritance” by John Sibley Williams


Volume 7 cover photo courtesy of Tom Darin Liskey