Volume 13

"Outlanders" by Greg Clary

“Outlanders” by Greg Clary

Bart Solarczyk
Paper Wings

Micky Shorr

Paul Koniecki

Cheryl A. Rice

"A17" by Carl Kaucher

“A17” by Carl Kaucher

Robert L. Penick
Trailer Park, Valdosta, Georgia, 1983

M.J.  Arcangelini
Blue Yodel #69

Steve Henn
On a Day I’m Wondering What the Hell is the Point Anyway?

Kerry Trautman
Uncle Ike

Untitled by Jason Baldinger

Untitled by Jason Baldinger

Tony Gloeggler
What Kind of Man

Michael Flanagan

Dave Newman
In Line At A Grocery Store, Reading The Magazine Headlines

"Used Raccoon" by Chandra Alderman

“Used Raccoon” by Chandra Alderman

Lori Jakiela
Johnny Monico Brought a Knife to School

Dan Provost
Family Vacation

Al Ortolani
Our Dog Wears One Shoe

"Hobo Couch" by Carl Kaucher

“Hobo Couch” by Carl Kaucher

Chandra Alderman
Blue Heron

Nancy Klepsch
Learning Targets

Greg Clary
Time to Sing

James Benger

Francine Witte
When I Think About Jake

Kevin Ridgeway
Marriage on Ice

"Wedding Bell Blues" by Chandra Alderman

“Wedding Bell Blues” by Chandra Alderman

Ron Steiner
Wheels Of Supernatural Forces

McKenzie Bonar
Labor Day Lunch

Matthew Ussia
The Closest I Ever Got to Murdering Someone

Nathan Graziano
Patrick Swayze and Me

Georganna Millman

"Diamond Auto" by Greg Clary

“Diamond Auto” by Greg Clary

Wendy Rainey
The Visit

Curtis Hayes

Tony Pena
Virgin in a Bar

Agnes Vojta
What Remains

Untitled by Jason Baldinger

Untitled by Jason Baldinger

Ken Gierke
Driving with Brubeck

Jason Baldinger

Don Wentworth
Sharing a Rug

Untitled by Jason Baldinger

Untitled by Jason Baldinger

Alan Catlin
Billy’s Dad Took Us

Richard Gegick
Two Jobs to No Jobs