Welcome to TPQ

Dan and Rebecca met in the 90s through the small press, back in the days of cut, paste and staple zines. Dan was the founder and editor of Windowpanes and Rebecca was the founder and one of the editors of Reuben’s Kincaid. A few years ago, Dan asked Rebecca if she wanted to come into the 21st Century and do an online zine and they set to work cutting, pasting and stapling online.

Since they often poke their own eyes out, paste their fingers together and staple themselves to the screen, Thom felt sorry for them and said he would help out. They plan on working on many projects together in conjunction with Albany Poets! Maybe they will even start an old school zine one of these days…



Dan Crocker
Rebecca Schumejda

Master of Digital Cutting, Pasting and Stapling
Thom Francis Job