Volume 3


T.A. Noonan
On Trading Music with My Husband
Where’s Vegas When You Need It?
Proverbs for Weekend Daredevils
Never Slow Down
Looking For a Few Miles of Adventure with Dear Abby

Scott Fynboe
Bruce Remembers Leather
The Musician Napping out on Willis Road

Gary Charles Wilkens
You Know It’s Pretty Bad

William Taylor Jr.
A Few More Hours of Sunlight

April M. Bratten
First Kiss

Amy Schreibman Walter
The Night Norman Mailer Made His Last Televised Speech

Sarah Carson
Granny Says He’ll Be BackAlan Catlin
Lady Bowlers in the Lounge
The Road to Hell
“her profession is her religion”

Dennis Mahagin
Grand Mal With Grown Up

Steve Henn
Fundamental Truisms
Reasons why California M.D.s have granted medical marijuana license

Aleathia Drehmer
Black Oak


Eric Boyd
All the Bastards and Me

James R. Tomlinson
From the Blue Sky