Volume 11

“Check Point” by Greg Clary


Michael Flanagan

Tony Gloeggler
Boy Scouts

Alexis Rhone Fancher

George Wallace
I Drove West Because of You

M.J. Arcangelini
Shauna Dies Repeatedly

Paul Koniecki
My First Ride

Kevin Ridgeway
Deadbeat Clairvoyant


“Grille” by David J. Thompson


Francine Witte
My First Mother

John Sibley Williams
Youthful Offender

Linda Rocheleau
The Dollar Store

Greg Clary
Dollar Store

Jason Baldinger
From a Motel 6

Bill Gainer
A Little Noise

Rusty Barnes
What’s in My Pocket?


“Green Trailer” by Greg Clary


Barry Peters

John Dorsey
Wrestling With the Bear

Mike James
Who Opened for Ghost Nipples?

Matthew Borczon

Steve Jorgenson
The Indigenous People of Suburbia

James Benger
Halloween 1988

Tiffany Buck
Matchsticks, Anyone?


“Interior” by David J. Thompson


Glen Armstrong
The Man Was Crying under an Apple Tree, and There Was a Cat Watching Him

Wesley Scott McMasters
Bathtub Madonna on the Friday before Good Friday

Brianna Kehrer

William Taylor Jr.
The Glory

Beverly Hennessy Summa

Robert Walicki
There Are No Heroes In The War


Untitled by Brianna Kehrer


Victor Clevenger
A Piece of ā€œ500 Million U.S. Dollarsā€

Cheryl A. Rice

Anne Graue
Billboards and Barbed Wire

Linda McCauley Freeman
Dinner at the Lucky Noodle

Kelsey Bryan-Zwick
Your Mouth is a Cutting Board ā€” Mine is a Knife

George Perreault
Two Friends From Long Ago

David J. Thompson
For His Pain


“Bait Shop” by Greg Clary


Richard D. Houff
Things That Iā€™m Afraid Of

Angel Zapata
Marriage is an Audio Recording of Somebody Gasping

Sarah Kezman

Scot Young
Just Me and a Beat-up Harmonica

Mark James Andrews
So I Lit a Fire

J. Lester Allen
The Type of Rain that Falls around Here

R.M. Engelhardt
The Gift

Micky Shorr
Not My Gift


“LeSabre” by David J. Thompson



“Took House” by Lauren Camp