Volume 1


Five Questions with Nathan Graziano


Nathan Graziano
The Man of the House

Karl Koweski
The Kentucky Waterfall Windfall

Rusty Barnes
The Mouths that Breathe, The Air
that Catches
An Arrangement

Stephen Graham Jones
Rendezvous with a Sula Prime

J. Webster

Vallie Lynn Watson
Boys You Sent Away

Timothy Gager
What is an atheist doing behind
the Wheel?


Gary Wilkens
Broken Ties
On the Playground
Paradise’s Greatest Hits

Corey Mesler
Dear Ex-Play-Fellow

T.A. Noonan
The Ankylosaur Affirmation

Rebecca Schumejda
Cadillac Men
Social Darwinism

Sharon Gerald
Your Chances
When We Talk

James Guttman
You Me and the Other One

Erin Elizabeth Smith
Love in Mississippi
The Ambition of Oysters
Ghost Limb
Prayer to the Patron Saint of the
Younger Woman