Volume 5


Lynne Savitt
Giving up the Ghost

Tony Gloeggler

Dan Wilcox
Garrison Keillor
Trailer Park

Nathan Graziano
Shower Beers

Ace Boggess
Folding Towels

John Dorsey
Everette Maddox comes to Belle
John Prine Never Wrote a Song About That

Cheryl Rice
Race Track
Pool Cue

Alexis Rhone Fancher
Freeway Sex
The First Time I Gave Cousin Lisa An Orgasm

David J. Thompson
Would You Mind Getting That?

Steve Henn
Trimming an Earlobe

Kevin Ridgeway
Parental Guidance Relinquished

Laura Bandy
Ode to the Bramford, Rosemary’s Baby

Mike James
My Parents

Nathanael William Stolte
And Nuclear Winter Won’t be so Bad as Long as Michael Bublé has Exclusive Rights to the Soundtrack

John Sweet
The Slain

Erren Geraud Kelly
Mama Doesn’t Go To Church Anymore
The Verdict

Ally Malinenko
Dog Eared
The Taken



Better Luck Next Year by Ally Malinenko

Dead City Jazz by James Duncan