Volume 10

"Wonderland 2" by Claire Ibarra

“Wonderland 2” by Claire Ibarra


Claire Ibarra
Altered Barbie, circa 1978

Sharon A. Harmon
Trailer Park Children Orange County
Costa Mesa Trailer Park

Bryanna Licciardi
At a Party, John Wayne Gacy Puts His Arm Around Me and Says We’ve All Been There Before

Vivian Wagner

David Spicer

Karen J. Weyant
To the Waitress Who Spends Tip Money on Books

Michael Flanagan

Francine Witte
Dream Lover

Barbara Ungar
How It Happens
Ars Poetica

Larry Smith
A Work Story

Wendy Rainey
The Children Are Coming For Us

John Leonard
Cotard in the Summertime

Lauren Camp

Scott Silsbe
What I Am Going Through

Ted Jean
the irrigation is in disrepair

Adam Hughes

Ephraim Scott Sommers
My Wife and I Role-Play the New Poem of the Honeymoon

Troy Schoultz
Five Short Poems About Evel Knievel

Jonathan K. Rice

Leah Mueller
Cirque du Soleil

J.D. Smith
Pop Davis

John Grochalski
all the good men

Tony Press
On Mori Point

Nicholas Alti
I Have Weed Money or Counseling Money & Guess Which I Choose

Todd Mercer
Where I’m at ‘Til Medicare Kicks In

Jason Fisk
Mark’s Toothbrush

David J. Thompson
Even A Weekend Visit

Dan Provost
Depression Anonymous Musings

Terrence Sykes

Shana Ross
The Bonsai is Faking it

Mark Allen Jenkins
Removing Hurricane Debris

Thomas M. McDade
Ham Salad Geometry

Ace Boggess
The Woman Beside Us Talks to Herself

Ronnie Sirmans

Howie Good
Sound Bites

"Wonderland 1" by Claire Ibarra

“Wonderland 1” by Claire Ibarra

Alex Z. Salinas
The Great Thing About Millennials

Don Krieger
Election Day

Amanda J. Bradley
The Nasty Little Poem

Mike James
Red Star Beauty Supply

Jason Baldinger
every word the wind ever said

James Benger
Grayson, MO

Curtis Hayes
Western Charms

Dan Wilcox
Waiting for Jacqueline Robinson



Nathan Graziano
Open Mic Night at The Jarva Café



“Save Our Ship” by Barbara Ungar

“Blackbird” by Laura Grace Weldon

“As One Fire Consumes Another” by John Sibley Williams



Interview with Victor Clevenger

Interview with Dan Wilcox