Jason Baldinger

From a Motel 6

eyes focus through morning
I blink away miles

her hands turn to crows when she first wakes
she’d already be stirring coffee
in interrogation lights

she’s not here
inventory of places

where am I now?
where have I been?
how long has it been?

this trip exploded
into a million pieces

I explode
into a million pieces

these last miles
beg for mercy

where is home again?


Jason Baldinger is a poet from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  A former Writer in Residence at Osage Arts Community, he is co-founder and co-director of The Bridge Series. He has multiple books available including The Better Angels of our Nature (Kung Fu Treachery) and Everyone’s Alone Tonight with James Benger (Kung Fu Treachery Press) as well as the chapbook “Blind Into Leaving (Analog Submission Press). His work has been published widely in print journals and online. You can listen to him read his work on Bandcamp and on lps by the bands Theremonster and The Gotobeds.