Rusty Barnes

What’s in My Pocket?

Box-cutter (in case I need to hijack a plane).
Ten-dollar bill for incidentals.
Wallet full of cards: ID, debit, credit, insurance (four different)
Patriot Taxi (“ask for Joe, I’ll be the hairy fucker with eyes like diamonds”).
BJs membership which carves my soul one hole-punched receipt at a time.
Dunkin Donuts Rewards (large iced, extra cream, extra sugar)
Eyeglass cloth in which I clear my vision with salt spray off Short Beach.

Vial of Klonopin. Card of Saphris. Eye of newt.


Rusty Barnes lives in Revere MA with his family and a herd of cats. His work appears widely, and his latest volume of poems is a chapbook called Apocalypse in A-Minor from Analog Submission Press.