Scot Young

Just Me and a Beat-up Harmonica

no this ain’t hank williams
not even luke the drifter
singing those preachy songs
with the lonesome wail
of a steel guitar but
just me with four notes
on a beat-up harmonica
that makes you are my
sound like the blues

we learn fast that
slide guitars don’t play
no love songs
i think the whole beat changed
when we quit using words
like sweetheart
and darlin
and nobody slow dances
like that anymore
so its just me caught in
this world of sad songs
where even silent night
holy night
sounds like a 12 bar riff
i don’t believe the blues
was born in mississippi
but here in this valley
under a half-ass moon
collar turned up against the cold

it is almost a kodak moment
but no angels will hover above me
and no one will sing halleluajah

alone tonight
i will play the only song
i know
carried by the wind
and echoed by the
as i sing
come sit by my side
if you love me
i will hold the last note
for as long
as i can


Scot Young thinks there is still something to believe in. He is still looking.