Steve Jorgenson

The Indigenous People of Suburbia

are homesick
for granite countertops

they long for
the days of free range children
and other cheap stuff

their lawn boys and dirty girls
are under house arrest

their muscle cars are parked
in the fossil record

they are fascinated by dinosaurs

their baseball fields are vacant

their motels are empty

their streets have flatlined

their umbrellas have holes

they are victims
of high speed obsolescence

they eat fast

they are shrink-wrapped

they are disappointed

they will not outlive their countertops


Steve Jorgenson is a part-time wordsmith who has more words than he knows what to do with. Sometimes he uses the extras for poetry, celestial navigation, or target practice. He has worked on farms, fishing boats, and in factories.  He’s skilled at mistakes, guilty by association, and suffers from occasional bouts of inspiration.  He is working on a cure.