Brenda Linkeman

The Marine

it was a silent walk
through the Art Deco District on South Beach
few businesses were open
the hurricane left a dank smell
I thought he was kidding
when he asked,
“Do you want to get a tattoo?”
his face was alive with anticipation
but I said, “No, that’s ok.”
tattoos are like roadmaps to Marines
after that he seemed lost as to what to say
the empty streets led to
the beachfront
a flattened beachball
seaweed hanging like tinsel
wet socks
soggy mattresses
we turned back
“Where are you going next?”
I think back to Louisiana
“Oh, ok.”
I glanced at his arms


Brenda Linkeman first began submitting poetry in 2021.  Of the five poems submitted to the Gasconade Review, three were chosen for publication.  She then entered the other two poems in a contest, and they won third and second places.   She is currently gathering a retrospective of her poetry for her first chapbook to be published by Spartan Press.