Carlin Corsino

Kitchen Staff

Do you want to watch a porno? He asked
nonchalant as we sat in the Del Ray Motel
on opposite ends of the pull out couch, glasses
dripping with awkward condensation over
cheap rye whiskey he had poured minutes before

plastic gallon jug divider between us
a ten dollar Berlin Wall not blocking my view
of twenty-eight girl on girl VHS tapes
to which he noticed my glance, remarking
“I’m not a faggot.” Well then Marshall, I don’t know

why the hell you brought me here with such bizarre
entre vous when I could be inhaling nitrous
in the walk-in with Benny slumped on the floor amidst
clam chowder and sous vide emotions we
stuff away to wave at passing children

watching us Brûlée the crème
in the display window while Scott throws a
pan or cusses because we’ve written Parm-
Asian instead of Parmesan
on the prep board again.

Regardless, I’m not a homosexual, but next time
we should discuss in advance
before you ask for a ride home
either way, and maybe we’ll just
play checkers.


Carlin Corsino is an Emergency Room physician, and soon-to-be Army Veteran. He spent his formative years learning how life works from many a salty Sous Chef. His other recent work is forthcoming in Bending Genres and the Front Porch Review. Please contact him at: