Chandra Alderman

Cherry Slush

I’m sitting
in the hot car
cherry slush
between my legs
what you said about
wanting to see
my new dress
on your bedroom
floor. Django Reinhardt’s
I’ll See You in My Dreams
on the radio. Somewhere
nearby a baseball
pings on a metal bat.
I close my eyes,
cherry on my tongue,
thinking of white
polka dots raining
on your floor.
Cold sweat
on my thighs.


Chandra Alderman lives in Northeast Ohio where she writes mostly letters and sometimes poetry. She is often seen out in the wild with a camera, spying on nature, everyday life, and writers. Her photography has been featured on chapbooks published by Nightballet Press and Crisis Chronicles Press, and also online at Thirteen Myna Birds and The Octopus Review. More than all of this, she is trying to compose the perfect bowl of soup.

You can follow her adventures at