Erren Geraud Kelly

Building A Snowman

Kid, you build a snowman by taking the best parts of winter
And mixing it with some Ella Fitzgerald and Sara Bareiles
Take the best parts of fall and add some summer to
It, you can give frosty a broomstick for his scepter, and he’ll be
Eager to rule, as the King Of Winter; make his eyes have soul

Make them dark and soulful, like a Trane riff,
Ultimately, the jazz will sprout in his steps
Like an Art Blakey Riff, he’ll be soulful like
Love, like you, his body will copy yours
Evolving into the shape of Jazz, your coal-dark eyes
True with magic, holly and ivy, dance with him
Take him in your arms, as Ella take you both, home


Erren Geraud Kelly has been writing for 32 years. His works appear currently in Nebo Literary journal and in Aura Literary Journal. His work has been featured in numerous publications in print and online, in the United States, Canada and worldwide. Mr. Kelly has a B.A. English-Creative Writing degree from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Erren lives in Lynn, Massachusetts.