Greg Clary

Time to Sing

My old friend Harlan
has been in the hospital
for 5 months
where he now floats
in a morphine dream.

Today, I visited Harlan
when, out of the blue,
he began singing,
Dust on the Bible.

I never knew Harlan
to attend church
or even hum a melody but
now, as the blinds close,
this old Hank Williams song
untroubles his suffering.

Mysterious thing— dying.
I wonder what curveballs
I’ll be slinging
when my turn comes
to change worlds?


Greg Clary is a retired college professor who was born and raised in Turkey Creek, West Virginia. He now resides in the Pennsylvania Wilds and likes cathead biscuits, 2 fingers of Jameson over one cube of ice, and people who can ease into a conversation without taking it over.