Ron Steiner

Wheels Of Supernatural Forces

My car by the lake
miles from home
dripping in rain water,
taps from falling droplets
on the roof and windows.

The breeze in the reeds,
the boat launch empty,
myself and my contents
knotted together by memories:
mask, phone, coffee cup,
notebook, pen, keys–
startled awake by a truck
downshifting into the Delaware River Gap.

Chemicals inside everything,
this car, the droplets in the lake,
a still life outside the museum,
a deity to pray for,
my car.


Ron Steiner defines his poetry as hysterical realism. He uses a writing technique of refined psychic automatism followed by clown car revision. His chapbook Hollow Shoes (Writing Knights Press) was published in 2019. When not writing, he sends poetry postcards to random public libraries.