Diviertas en tu Vacacione

The thing about Spanish is that it always sounds romantic.

I read your message and hoped the translation would amount to, “I miss you and love you and don’t want to live without you.

Please come here right away.”

But the reality was something closer to,

“You’re funny. Enjoy your vacation and have a nice day.”

Another Crooked Mile

“You look like you done walked a crooked mile,” the man called from his stoop. I knew what he meant, but asked anyways, how one defines a crooked mile these days?

His friend spoke up to explain, “He means, it looks like you’ve been walking a long time, like  you’re on a journey.”

A journey – ah, yes, I see.

And with that definition in mind, I had to agree.

“That much is true, and I’ve got another few crooked miles left to go, I’m sure.”

The first man gave a knowing look and offered these parting words – ones I’ve said to myself  many times before:

“You’re going to be alright.”


Hez dropped out of the traditional M-F/9-5 workforce during the pandemic to become a nomad and cultivate her creativity. She is kicking off her blog, Flailing Into My Forties, in early 2023. You can stay tuned for updates at www.hezhub.com.