Erren Geraud Kelly

Mama Doesn’t Go To Church Anymore

Mama doesn’t go to church anymore
Fascism  covers the world like an eclipse

As I look for a rainbow at the end of the road

At the coffeehouse she waved at me
I saw her curves, a beat, my heart skips
Mama tells me ” you should go to church more”

They’re hiring down at the warehouse
The economy, like a concerto, rises and dips
People are looking for a rainbow at the end of the road

The gangs on the streets are your new gods
Watching the news these days is a trip
I should go to church more

Ford  and carrier didn’t go to mexico
She sits as blues, like kisses fall from her lips
A con man promises a rainbow at the end of the road

Stop looking to others for your happiness
Be your own savior, on your life, get a grip
Don’t just go to church, but pray to god more

It won’t matter who the leader is
He’s just a leader, jesus is your king
It won’t matter if you go to church more
The rainbow within you is the end of the road


The Verdict

When plotting revenge, dig two graves.” – Confucius

 “I guess there’s just a meanness in this world…” – Bruce Springsteen from “Nebraska”

For Dylan Roof

I get no joy from the
Misfortune of others
When I saw the verdict
I didn’t do a happy dance
Hallelujah did not erupt from
My soul, I thought of my early twenties
And being in the arms of many girls
Or working many dead end jobs
Knowing they would only be stepping
Stones to bigger things
In my twenties, I didn’t care about
Being shot down by girls
There would be other roses
For the butterflies
Just like there would be other towns
Other dreams, to fill my days
What gets me is, he still doesn’t think
He did anything wrong, I look at his face,
blank as a jounal,  he’ll never fill
Love was offered to him
That boyish face, many would gladly
Beat to holy hell
I should not feel sympathy
But what does an eye for an eye solve?
He only gets to die once
Not nine,  and that
Would be his reward
And yet I pity this man who
Could be my son, my brother
Who was offered god but chose
Madness. . .


Erren Geraud Kelly has been published in numerous publications in the United States, Canada and around the word, most recently in New Verse News and The Oddville Press. Kelly has a BA in English / Creative Writing from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Erren lives in Los Angeles.