Carol Graser

Ghost of Ambitions

You come visiting
through the black air
My table pushed against
the window you sit

across, you bob the licorice
tea bag in your bone
china cup. I can’t see your
face but hear you

breathe, your gruesome
exhale. The moon has lit
the field but the forest
that surrounds remains

dark. You’re crowding me
You’ve pushed me to
an edge. My womb cringes
You pound this broken

table with an ugly bang
You keep me from sleep
when all I want is blithe
surrender. Do you think

of my unanswered
letters? Do you care
that the mailbox leaning
by my frozen road

is stuffed with disinterest
You don’t listen, but rise

and toss me in the snow


Carol Graser hosts a monthly poetry series at the legendary Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs that started in 2013.  She has performed her work at various events and venues around New York. Her poems have appeared in many literary journals. She is the author of the poetry collection, The Wild Twist of Their Stems (Foothills Publishing 2007).