Sue Menebroker McElligott


Tell me what time the church bell rings;
when the sun rises
and the day ends.
Speak to me of light,
and the hope for those
who have forgotten such things.
Show me where the moon begins;
where the fullness of its weight
shines a beam across the sky.
Replenish my body
with the fruit of the earth;
the hollow sound of the wind,
urging possibilities that
outweigh any of my doubts.
Sing me a song of love
that I can feel so deeply
I fall into the chasm
of drums and strings
and a rhythm
far beyond the sway of my hips.
Cast me in a movie;
one of longing and suffering,
showering women with tears
and men with sighs.
Take me into life’s embrace
where freedom isn’t just a word,
but a giant bowl of love’s promises
and death’s knowledge;
aware that we feel most alive
when the stain of It settles into our skin.


Sue Menebroker McElligott was raised on poetry with her mother being a poet, and having poets around the house on a regular basis. Sue was first published at the age of 8, and writes poetry whenever she feels the need to express herself and all other methods have failed. She resides in Nevada City, California, with her husband and several pets.