Tony Gloeggler

Fowler Street

Danny Drolet
told me.
“I caught my big
brother in the garage
looking at a book
filled with dirty
pictures. He blew
two smoke rings, pointed
his cigarette between
this girl’s legs,” said
“That’s where you stick
your dick.” I didn’t
believe him.

We were standing
on the corner
throwing snowballs
at cars crawling
along Fowler Street.
I threw one
through an open
bus window, hit
the driver and knocked
his glasses off.
When he slowed
to a stop, we hopped
a backyard fence, tore
ass down the alley.
Out of breath
he crossed his heart
swore it was true.

I didn’t say
a word, thought
I’d be late for supper
and ran all the way.
I sat down, bowed
my head and said
grace, watched Mom
pass serving dishes, Dad
spoon goulash, Julie
chew egg noodles
with her mouth
open, and I knew
it was true.


Tony Gloeggler’s a lifelong resident of New York City. His books include One Wish Left (Pavement Saw press 2002) and The Last Lie (NYQ Books/2010). Until The Last Light Leaves (NYQ Books 2015) was a finalist in the 2016 Binghamton University Milt Kessler Poetry Book Award and focuses on his connection to an ex-girlfriend’s autistic son and his 35 years of managing group homes for mentally challenged men in Brooklyn.