Chigger Matthews

Dirge of Lightning Bugs

More than one-

are corners of your blessing
by winds gale and zephyr
tightly in arms that hold your trust; and
rampant is your gospel

Your carpet is cross-stitched with
magic and soaring.
Now you are riding high

on Earth I make your mark:
by the flowing waters above and
below I drink to your good glory;
tearful libations an ode to joy

This triune sign is fire
for all great bellies hold fire:
sun above, son of man, and
lowly lightning bug

In reverie I swear I am
from somewhere else;
note, coincidentally,
we are making good time and

turn on wipers
streaking what I imagine are
thunderous peals of


Chigger Matthews is a travel poet, language artist, and editor-in-chief of the Artifact Global Poetry News. His work appears online at and Thimble Literary Magazine; in paperback anthologies Resurrection of a Sunflower, Gasconade Review Presents: 39 Feet High and Rising, and Gasconade Review Presents: Missouri is a Ghost-Shaped Thing; and his full-length Rockstar/Paperman/Scissorhand out from Spartan Press. He can be reached at