Heather Sullivan


It’s a delicious thought, unseen demons and
long dead ghosts pushing addiction and
melancholy. The calendar of time no longer
marching forward for them, instead spinning
in the corner of the living room like a Deadhead
on the mezzanine during a 20 minute jam of
Sugar Magnolia forever stuck on a Tuesday. No
matter a patch or weekly meetings, the albatross
is firmly plastered in place because Great Aunt
Martha, who always stuck her bottom lip out
when you visited on the holidays, is hanging
from the ceiling giving you the evil eye. What’s
a girl to do, except pull out a TV tray table, line
up the Dixie cup shots and ask the old girl to call
heads or tails on who goes first.


Heather Sullivan’s work has appeared in numerous print and online journals, most recently Chiron Review, Paper and Ink Literary Zine and Common Ground Review. Her debut collection, Waiting for an Answer (Nixes Mate Books 2017), is available both through the publisher and Amazon. She is also the co-editor at Live Nude Poems. She and novelist Rusty Barnes live with their family in Revere, MA.