C.C. Russell


I decided tonight how I would tell the history of you.

A history of secrets, choices, indiscretion.

We are constituted of any number of possibilities,
any one could have been this true.

A flight, irregular.
(I want to say something imprecise.

Anything/ I wanted to say.)

– – –

I solved tonight.

– – –

Tonight decided your history.

We are compensated with some kind of possibility.

– – –

I tonight decided how I can be your history.

– – –

As for us, end.

End finally
with what we would have liked
to say.

Original version published on The Sundial Review (now defunct)


C.C. Russell has published poetry, fiction, and non-fiction here and there across the web and in print.  You can find his words in such places as Split Lip Magazine, The Colorado Review, and the anthology Blood, Water, Wind, and Stone.  He currently resides in Wyoming where he sometimes stares at the mountains when he should be writing.