George Wallace

I Should Consider all my Poems Donald Lev Poems

‘It was one of those rare
dark days in Arles,’ wrote
Donald Lev, then he stopped.

He did not want to write a poem ‘for him returned from the dead.’

‘I don’t much feel inclined
to writing Vincent van Gogh
poems,’ sd Donald.

Then he smiled one of those
Donald Lev smiles that could
light up the sky.

‘Here,’ he sd.

‘This poem
is for you.’

for Donald Lev, 5.15.36-9.30.18


Poet, editor and educator George Wallace is writer in Residence at the Walt Whitman Birthplace, editor of Poetrybay, and author of 34 chapter books of poetry. Recognized internationally with the Naim Frasheri Award, the Orpheus Prize and the Alexander Medal, he travels worldwide from his base of operations in New York City to conduct poetry readings and lead writing workshops.