Ursula Nichowski


i didn’t know
nobody tells us

once the door closes
nobody explains where we are




after two weeks at the Crisis
my sister came from Brazil
to visited me


tell your doctor you want to shave your legs

it’s funny how the same object that kills you
sets you free


Ursula Nichowski  was born in Argentina and raised in Brazil. Just recently she started to publicly share her work, which is an autobiographical voyage through rape, abortion, abusive marriage, unfulfilled relationships, discrimination, bisexuality, bipolar disorder and mental illness. Some people say she writes in English from her gut. On July 7, 2018, she was invited to perform, along well-known artists and poets such as Alexis Rhone Fancher, at 2018 Out Loud: A Cultural Evolution, Long Beach’s First Annual Queer Arts Festival. Recently,  The Pangolin Review chose one of her poems for publication. She currently lives, works, writes and raises her kids in Miami Beach, FL, meanwhile she manages living and striving with bipolar disorder.